Good Friday

For the last four good Fridays, members of the churches around West Kirby have made their own crucifixes and stood round the marine lake with them for an hour.


It was a beautiful, clear day today with even the lighthouse at Talacre visible in the distance which I’ve never seen from there before.

I watched them take their places round the lake then walked round and chatted to a few of them. They mostly said they were celebrating the crucifixion and reminding people what Easter was all about.  

Its always struck me as odd the way Christians celebrate the death of their hero by parading round the instrument of his death.

But each to their own.. They couldn’t have been more friendly and it made for an interesting sight.


Another Place on Flickr.

Another Another Place

Glassware hired for #QEDcon just arrived. Weighs a ton - should have gone to the gymn!

A few from a walk round Liverpool on Grand National night. Great to overhear so many people saying how great they thought Liverpool was.

A couple of night shots with my Fujifilm X-A1

Fantastic clouds over Liverpool docks recently

So I got a new camera - a Fujifilm X-A1 (with red leather trim). I’ve already got an X10 which is excellent but Fujifilm have been really developing their cameras over the last couple of years (are you listening Canon??) and this looked too good not to have. Throw in a free (£370) lens with an Amazon promotion and it was a no-brainer

I’ve not used it a lot but so far I’m really pleased with it. Especially in low light. While the X10 was an excellent companion for my slightly ageing 7D this seems to give it a real run for its money in lots of ways. It actually has a slightly larger sensor than the 7D.

I got the free prime 2.8 lens from Amazon for it last night which is gorgeous (as you’d expect for the asking price). Really looking forward to getting some use out of it!  

So far…

Looks fab
Changeable lenses
Razor sharp
Very nice colour rendition
Fast startup
Battery life improved over X10
Menu system improved and simplified over X10
Stabilized kit lens
Fantastic low light performance. 
Free lens promo
Articulated screen

Plastic feeling (esp the kit lens)
RAW support lacking in Lightroom 4 (not really a camera issue)
Low light JPEGs can look a bit over-processed.
Still too easy to knock the exposure compensation dial.
No optical viewfinder.
I’m going to end up buying an X-T1 one day which I can’t afford.

[First pic from Amazon]

Liverpool on St Patrick’s night.